Waunakee is home to a variety of different public art installations, which you can find more information on below.

Sculture unveiling.jpg


To honor local students, teachers and staff, the Waunakee Area Public Arts Committee teamed up with community members and Dane Arts to install a new interactive sculpture at the high school called "Illuminating A Path".

Created by Los Angeles artist Michael Kalish, the piece features five multicolored sets of oversized books that serve as a unique gathering and resting area near the school entrance. More than $100,000 was raised by local residents and businesses for the project. To learn more and view videos of this project, please click the link below.


During the summer of 2020, a chalk wall was painted near the old South Street Library with the goal of promoting community discussion The first installment in the project was called the "Be The Change" Wall and was painted by Waunakee Artist Sarah Stevens. 


Mural at work.jpg


Located on the side of Waunakee Furniture ETC on Main Street is a beautiful mural titled "Love Note to Waunakee" that was created with the support of Dane Arts Mural Arts, Artist Alicia Rheal, Waunakee High School Students and the generous support of our community donors.

For more information and to see pictures of the artistic process that went into this project, please click the link below.

Storm Drain Art.jpg


A Storm Drain Mural Program used art to creatively teach students and the community about the effects of storm water on our Six Mile Creek. These fantastic murals are located at Mill Road, the intersection of Main Street & South Street, and the corner of 8th Street and School Drive.

This program is sponsored by Dane Arts Mural Arts, Madison Area Stormwater Partnership and Dane County Land and Water Resources Department. The 3 Waunakee murals were created with the help of Waunakee High School Students as well as Dane Arts Mural Arts artists Veroniza Figueroa and Ermida Roller.

For more information, please click the link below.